Property for Sale or Lease


Property for Sale or Lease

The Tijeras Civil War Remount Fort

Located at 488 E Highway 333

Historic Route 66

Tijeras, NM 87059

Ready for a restaurant or brewery

 Rock wall and studio to the left (east), with the main building on the right.

Formerly Just Imagine Gallery and The Tijeras Arts Market

Contact: Anna King,

With 1.55 acres, a perfect location for a restaurant, craft brewery, or winery and distillery.

Located across from the library, and the Senior Center, west of the Western Store on historic Route 66, and for fifteen years, home of Just Imagine Gallery, and the Tijeras Arts Market.

This scenic, historic, property is located in Bernalillo county, in the incorporated Village of Tijeras, and is zoned CB1, Commercial Business property.

The front of the building when it was Just Imagine Gallery and Coffeehouse

Formerly Just Imagine Gallery & Coffee House and the Tijeras Open-Air Arts Market

Coffee house on the west side of Just Imagine Gallery

 Six miles east of Albuquerque, just west of the I-40 Tijeras exit.

The Tijeras exit from I-40

The property will be available for sale or lease after August 15, 2024.

Currently the restaurants in the Village of Tijeras consist of Roots Farm Cafe, and a Subway, but a larger, full service restaurant is greatly needed and desired in our community.

A food establishment that takes advantage of the great location, and large indoor and outdoor space, would be perfect.

This property could also accommodate a restaurant that chose to have a shared space with a coffee, ice cream shop, brewery, (or whatever your vision is) in order to limit your investment, and extend the hours of operation and customer draw.

Located across the street from the Tijeras Senior Center, and the Tijeras Public Library, the property is bordered on the north and east sides by a rock wall that is said to date back to the civil war when it is said to have been a remount fort.

Over the years it has been a dance hall, a general store, and a meeting place for people from surrounding farms and ranches to gather and trade or sell their goods. It is written that many couples met here and were married during those market days.

It has also been a residence to many families, and in 1998 became the site for Just Imagine Gallery & Coffeehouse, and the Tijeras Open-Air Arts Market in 2006.

Booths set up for the Tijeras Arts Market, weekends May - October

We have had many people stop in to tell us stories from their childhoods, about growing up on this scenic property, or in the village, and how they got apples from the orchard on the west side of the property. They've told us of adventures playing in the stream that flowed out back on the south side of the property, and of making jam from the yellow plum trees.

The 2400 sq ft main building was constructed from adobes said to have been made right on the property. In fact, we have the frame that was used to pour the adobe bricks.

The property also has a building formerly used as an art studio that is approximately 300-400 square feet. Additionally, an approximate 250 square foot Tuff shed, and an old adobe building used for storage are on the property.

 Formerly an art studio

 The west side of the studio on the east side of the property

A Tuff Shed on the south side behind the building

Building pictured on the east side with studio to the left, booths behind on the west side

In the remodeling that has been done over the 26 years we have owned this property, we have discovered bones, corn cobs, bullet shells, and pottery chards in the adobes we removed. The property was scattered with Native American pottery chards, and artifacts.

There is a water well, but the property is also connected to the Village of Tijeras water system. There is a lot of room in the outdoor areas for an arts and crafts fair, live entertainment, seating for restaurant customers, or whatever you have dreamed of creating.

Over the last several years, we have upgraded the building to commercial codes, using permits and professional contractors, and have completed the following improvements:

  • The septic tank has been removed, and the property is now connected to the Albuquerque Sewer System
  • We've installed a grease trap necessary for a full service restaurant
  • Upgraded to 400 amp electrical service
  • The building has been rewired and brought up to commerical codes
  • The plumbing has all been replaced to code
  • The building has been reroofed
  • Installed commercial grade waterproof luxury vinyl flooring throughout
  • Added two handicapped accessible bathrooms
  • Installed additional exit doors for safety
  • Replaced the hot water heater and brought it to code
  • Installed two new windows
  • Shored up the foundation
  • Painted inside and out
  • Replaced all the light fixtures
  • Built a commercial kitchen area ready for your equipment
  • Installed floor drains
  • Installed a bar
  • Installed plumbing for coffee and soda stations
  • Installed a mini split HVAC system for energy efficient heating and cooling by room 
  • Added two offices which could be removed if needed
  • Erected permitted booths for an outdoor arts and crafts fair
  • Installed a monitored alarm system
  • Built a 400 sq ft permitted hard roof booth ready for walls and a floor for an additional useful commercial space

 Fireplace in the main room with new flooring throughout the building

Main room looking west through the rooms and north through the main room to the fireplace

Ceiling in main room with new lighting and electrical wiring throughout the building

East side interior of the south side of the main room


The adjoining property to the west was previously the home of The Tijeras Open-Air Arts Market with two entertainment areas, and approximately 40 booths. The TOAAM operated for 7 years as a juried arts and crafts fair, every weekend May through October.


Come for the Art, Stay for the Music

Amy Blackburn and Katie Gill performing at the Tijeras Arts Market

A weekend at the Tijeras Arts Market with the booths set-up


Tommy Elskes "It's Just a Shot Away"

 The Tijeras Open-Air Arts Market. There are 2 entertainment tents and approximately 24 booths for artists

Booth spaces at the Tijeras Arts Market

Celtic jam at the Tijeras Arts Market

There are seating areas and paths for wandering around the property through the trees.


Fun and Festivities at the market!

Click the link to watch Odd Dog with Dave Schumann and Steve Kinabrew:



Susan Clark performing her original 'Indiana Weather':

  Thank you East Mountain neighbors:

I wanted to let you know that after nearly 30 years in business,
I have closed my Tijeras store, Just Imagine Gallery and Coffee House.
I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to live and work
in such a beautiful place,
serving folks that I truly loved to be around.
I miss so many people that I had come to know through the years.
I had the best possible customers and interesting people
come through my doors from all over the world.
Thank you neighbors for the friendship, lessons,
caring, and support that I received over the years!
Anna King
Just Imagine Gallery and Coffee House 
The Tijeras Arts Market

Just Imagine Gallery

 Gifts, Gallery, and Coffeehouse


Located on Historic Route 66, our coffeehouse features

locally roasted coffee,

Fantastic Espresso Drinks, Freshly Baked Treats,

Plus Lovely Indoor or Outdoor Seating, & FREE WI-FI

 A shady scenic natural setting perfect for enjoying a peaceful day in New Mexico!



2006 - 2012

The Arts Market will not reopen this year.

If you are interested in renting the property for your functions, call Anna King, 505-280-0129. 

To contact me by email:





Thank you for supporting our East Mountain business since 1985

Anna King



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